War Dogs have been a part of the United States Military for Decades. These Military Working Dogs (MWD) over the years have been trained for a variety of jobs and duties, such as; sentry or guard dogs, scout dogs, casualty dogs, messenger dogs, mine-tunnel and booby trap detection, combat trackers, explosive and bomb dogs and also sled and pack dogs. These dogs Love their jobs and Love to work. Their Loyalty and Courage is truly unmatched and they ask for nothing in return but the attention and Love of their handler. Many in the past, while serving Our Country and performing their duties, have made the ultimate sacrifice. Even though they are gone, to the handlers and to the men that were saved by the actions of these brave K9s, will always be considered Heroes and they will never be forgotten. A testament to the true value and importance of the Military Working Dogs is in the number of lives that they have saved and are saving Today. And that number is in the Tens of Thousands.
"The capability the military war dogs  bring to the fight cannot be replicated by men or machine. By all measures of performance, their yield out performs any asset we have in our inventory."
General David H. Petraeus
9 February, 2008
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